By Marc Campos

May 5

W wants everyone to speak English and wants todos to sing the national anthem in English but he invites his amigos/amigas to a Cinco De Mayo reception at his pad. Wonder if the invitation said "May 5 Reception." Wonder if the invitation said beef skirts would be served instead of fajitas? Wonder if they served an avocado salad instead of guacamole? Wonder if they had a barber shop quartet instead of mariachis? Wonder if any of the Latinos that were invited and attended participated in the May 1 "Day Without An Immigrant" rallies?

Thanks to the million or so folks that marched on Monday there is a lot more coverage in newspapers today about Cinco De Mayo. Used to be we were lucky to get a mention in the food section. Usually Daily Commentary would head over to a favorite Mexican food eatery and scarf down some nachos and carne guisada with flour tortillas, but today I might head over to Hickory Hollow or Star Pizza . . . . what!!!

The Hollow and the Star got some good run this past Monday for cooperating and supporting their employees of the Latino persuasion that wanted to attend the rally at Houston's Memorial Park. The Star closed its doors that day and the Hollow had a limited menu, errrr, meaning the owner was flipping burgers. Think they deserve my business today.

On my official Astro wall calendar, it says "Cinco De Mayo" today - cool.

Speaking of baseball, we swept the two games series with the Cards last night. Lidge came through again. He didn't have to face Albert Pujols. We still have 14 games left to play against the Cards this season including seven in September. Speaking of Albert, I have to say he is a class guy. He said if he had his own team, Lidge would be the first player he would pick. Albert would certainly be the first player selected on anybody's team. Albert now has the distinction of being the player Astro fans love to boo the most. Hats off to Albert, this Bud, errr, Corona is for you.

May 5, 2006, 9:00AM

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