By Marc Campos

Cinco De Mayo Musings

Humorous quote from Houston Mayor Pro Tem and City Council Member Carol Alvarado at a reception in her honor last night in Austin - "Originally, this reception was scheduled for yesterday, but when I found out the House had on its calendar landmark legislation, I had to postpone. I learned a long time ago in politics - never try to compete with debates on cheerleading". Yuk, yuk! FYI: Alvarado is a client of Commentary.

Quote to be used in GOP Primary - "I don't think any legislator can go back home and...say that we took care of the people's business and not have gotten it done. I think everyone wants to come home and say, 'You know what? We did our job,'" - from Guv Rick Perry in today's newspapers. Hey Guv, Kay's gonna slam you big time on this one. She's running against you cause she says you haven't done your job.

Throw your tacos on the ground and come out with your hands in the air. City of Houston law enforcement and health officials to 13 mobile taco stand operators recently in a sweep to crack down on health related violations. No word yet on whether the temporary shutdowns will cause a citywide taco shortage during today's Cinco de Mayo festivities.

How come? Corona and Dos Equis. Two very popular beers in the U.S. How come I see more Anglo folks drinking them than Latinos? Do Latinos know something that Anglos don't - come to think of it, nah. After all, many of my Latino buddies/buddettes drink Meeler Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light, and water, errr, Michelob Ultra. Commentary likes an occasional Tecate - don't know of any other Latino/Latina that does. Of course, many Latinos love menudo, don't know of any Anglo that does.

May 5, 2005, 9:00AM

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