By Marc Campos

The Fifth Of May

Folks of the Mexican persuasion will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo manana - and that doesn't mean hold the mayo. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican deal.

Rather than wallowing in cerveza and guacamole manana, I think I'll call some of my amigos and familia and tell then to go vote early for Melissa Noriega and try slip a few ballots in for James Rodriguez. Heck, you never know, the GOP might figure out a way to fence us Cinco de Mayo folks out of the polls in November.

Speaking of James Rodriguez, maybe Cinco de Mayo is a good time to give him props and some of our future Cinco de Mayo leaders like Jose Soto, The Lovely Wendy, Sweet Marisa, Veronica J., Medrano, and Dante.

Speaking of Dante, he'll get Sacrament #2 tomorrow - cool.

Commentary doesn't feel bad for Dallas Mavericks fans. Hey you can now watch the Rangers.

Speaking of the NBA, Commentary has figured out a way to sneak into Toyota manana for Game 7.

Speaking of the yard, they won last night after nearly blowing it and now they are off to San Luis.

May 4, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary