By Marc Campos

A Force, Zoning, Playoff Like

Props go to the Latino(a) activist/organizer that predicted back in January that on May 1, 2006, over a million Latinos would take off from work or school and hit the streets to show support for immigration reform. Well, there really isn't anybody to give props to, because nobody predicted this.

So what happened? Rather, how did it happen? The "Walkout" movie? Spanish language radio talk show hosts, DJs and media? Matt Santos? Hey, how about let's give the million or so credit for being informed. Let's give them credit for having brains. They watch the news. They read newspapers. They talk to each other and their conversation isn't just about cerveza and frijoles. There was a buzz out there that Daily Commentary, Latino leaders across America, and national Latino organizations misread or missed altogether.

You know how the political experts always talk about folks voting their pocketbook, welllllll, this is pocketbook issue supremo. These folks are now in the game. They had discussions with their employers to make arrangements to take off for the day. They saw the TV birds in the sky and the news crews on the ground. They went home and saw themselves on the tube. They know they made a difference. They also know there is a next step, like registering to vote, if they can't, then urging their family members, friends, and neighbors that are eligible to register.

Then they are going to vote.

There are some that will say - "Yeah, so why should they vote? Who are they going to vote for?" Cause they are now in the game. Keep misreading baby!

Had lunch yesterday with one of My Best Friends and some Young Guns (two celebrated birthdays yesterday.) It was brought up that last Sunday's "The West Wing" episode had a booboo. The Secret Service was talking about building a guard house at Matt and Helen Santos' Houston pad and mentioned a problem with Houston's tough zoning laws - huhhh! We don't have no stinking zoning.

There was a kind of playoff climate at the yard last night and it is only early May. The 'Stros and the Cards. Two teams that have squared off in the last two National League Championship Series, battled it out again. Even though we won 5 to 4, it was still a draw. Roy O. went 8 innings and only gave up 4 hits - three were dingers, including one by Albert Pujols. Brad Lidge got a the save, but not after giving up a run and a monstrous fly out by Pujols. Great game!

May 4, 2006, 9:00AM

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