By Marc Campos

Older Young Guns, Henry the Democrat, Matt's Choice

Most of the young guns are now 30 years old or older. For those that need Ďsplaining, the young guns are Houston based political operatives/consultants that got into politics and campaigns right out of college or soon thereafter. Commentary helped bring these folks along in this business. With very little experience under their belts, they were given the task of managing and coordinating campaigns.

Theyíre real good. Do they know it all? They think they do, but they donít. Nobody knows it all.

Can they handle any political campaign? They would be the first on my list. They work hard and have great political instincts. Do they make mistakes? Yeah, but some own up to them better than others. Are they cocky? Not around me.

Commentary has always offered encouragement to the young guns. From day one, they knew that their advice and input would be considered.

In the old days, there were those that wanted to run and decide the politics. There was no room for other opinions or points of view. Creative thinking was discouraged. That turned off a lot of folks and the politics never reached its potential.

If the young guns knew they were part of the decision making process of a political organization/operation/movement, then they would continue to be involved and recruit others. Itís pretty simple.

Too often, the more senior members of a political organization/operation/movement think they know it all and completely dismiss what the newer folks have to say. Thatís not the way to handle the politics. If you are going to have a young gun run a campaign and put in the hours, then you better listen to what they have to say, after all, they are dealing more directly with the voter, the volunteers, and supporters. Makes sense to me.

Henry Cisneros is a big time supporter of San Antonio mayoral candidate Julian Castro. Henry was also an early big time supporter of Senator John Kerry for prez. Henry was supporting Kerry when Howard Dean was way out in front. Henry also traveled throughout the country campaigning for Kerry last fall.

In the upcoming 2006 general election in Texas, Henry will be asked to campaign for Democratic candidates all across the state and country. He'll probably get the most campaign appearance requests. Why? Henry is a great campaigner and can excite a crowd. There aren't that many Democrats in this part of the country that can match Henry's campaigning skills. He's one of the good guys.

Props go to Matt Emal on his new gig as Vice President of Community Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas. The political consultant extraordinaire and former Assistant Director of State and Federal Relations for the City of Houston now goes to the front lines in the ongoing battle to defend "choice".

May 3, 2005, 9:00AM

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