By Marc Campos

Low Turnout

What if they called an election and nobody came?

The Chron has a front page story today about some brand new Texas voter system that's kicking folks off of the voter rolls - great! Remember, this is a GOP installed voter system, the same GOP that wants to install a voter ID system. I guess I better work hard to get folks to vote for James Rodriguez while they are voting for Melissa Noriega in the $4 Million Shelley Special - you never know, we may not have anyone able to cast a vote in November.

Speaking of James Rodriguez, wish him a Happy Birthday today. Speaking of Jose Soto, wish him a Happy Birthday today. Two cool guys who are doing a fine job. Our community will be in good hands with these two guys leading. I heard they had a lot of folks at their party last night.

Commentary dropped by the yard last night and a Latino fella that was sitting next to me got the old heave ho from security. The Latino fella went into excess mode on the cerveza and f-bombs. After a couple of warnings, they showed him the exit sign. The Latino fella blamed me for getting kicked out. He tried to get in my face on the way out but I didn't feel like giving him the old NS. We won for a change thanks to Roy O.

May 3, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary