By Marc Campos

Must Have Missed Something

Commentary knows a little about elections - been involved with elections for 33 years. Biggest problem with elections - chronic low turnout. Voter fraud? Every now and then some skunk will try to cheat, most of the time they get caught.

Multiple IDs to vote? Mean spirited and directed at the low income and the least educated voter. Translation - the growing Latino vote in Texas.

Quote that makes one gag comes from GOP Texas State House Elections Committee Chair Mary Denny in talking about a bill that would require voters to present multiple IDs before voting - "preserve the integrity of the process." Commentary must have missed something. Didn't know the process' integrity was threatened.

Got to give it to the GOP. On the one hand they put out slick messages to Latino voters saying that they are the party that will best serve the Latino community and trot out the Al Gonzaleses and Tony Garzas to do a fancy "con nosotros" tap dance and just in case this does not work, they have the old standby ready, the voter suppression dagger. These guys are mean.

May 3, 2005, 9:00AM

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