By Marc Campos

Latino Political Interest and the Gassed Tax!

Across the Lone Star State yesterday, Latinos marched on behalf of immigration reform and attendance was noticeably down. A couple of years ago thousands took to the streets here in H-Town. Yesterday’s march attracted a couple of hundred. So what gives? Maybe Latinos are thinking that nothing is going to happen on immigration reform this year so why march? What is the point in marching if it is not on this year’s political agenda? Latinos came out in force during the March Dem primaries here in H-Town because they figured their vote would make a difference and it did.

Part of the political banter out there is if the Super Duper Dem Delegates decide to go with Hillary, the U.S. of A. African American vote is going to get real pi__ed off and stay home in November. If the Super Duper Dem Delegates go with Obama, will the U.S. of A. women and Latino voters lose a little bit of interest and stay home particularly in non battleground states like ours?

Commentary doesn’t think it is a bad idea to have a gas tax holiday. I also talked to my credit card about it and my credit card also supports a gas tax holiday and we both ride in a hybrid. The folks I see filling up their cars and trucks down the street would also not mind a gas tax holiday. I’d rather have our government take a hit rather than the pocketbooks of a lot of folks that are just getting by. Let’s try it at least for the summer and see how it works.

In the coming days and weeks most of us will be getting a government check that we didn’t ask for. W and Congress think folks need it and that it might help out the economy. We don’t know if it is going to work but at least they’re giving it a try. It is interesting in that the only folks that I see opposing the gas tax holiday are those that don’t mind paying three and a half for a gallon of gasoline. Those that oppose also say that giving us a tax break will only encourage us to drive more. I don’t want to hear this. People are a lot smarter than most folks think. We’re figuring out this gasoline thing. That’s why we’re buying smaller fuel efficient vehicles according the latest sales report issued yesterday.

Speaking of, Exxon Mobil reported it had a bad quarter and only made 11 bil – huh?

Commentary won’t be surprised if we get some news today about The Rocket spending some quality time with Barbara Walters.

Pam-In-Charge and her crew probably do the best job of any MLB team in putting together promotional giveaways. We get jerseys this evening, car wash coupons tomorrow, and B-G-O bobbleheads on Sunday. It is Roy O tonight. In observance of Cinco de Mayo, the ‘Stros will take the day off next Monday.

May 2, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary