By Marc Campos

The Profile Thing

Here is what the GOP doesn't get on this Voter ID bill they are promoting up in Austin. It's the racial profiling thing. In some precincts, folks that look like Tiger Woods and Jimy Smits will be asked to reach in their wallets and pull out their IDs. Folks that look like the new James Bond guy will get a pass. Heck, if you are of the Anglo persuasion, and are maybe from Canada, you probably won't be asked to cough up diddly, and get to vote. Hey, now I got it figured! It's a two-fer. The GOP gets to intimidate voters of color and at the same time sneak in a few Anglo looking voters that aren't US citizens because nobody will bother to ask them to cough up squat.

The paperless folks march here in H-Town yesterday didn't even fill up a street corner - yikes!

I told Pam-In-Charge that her and her crew need to get hazardous pay for having to stay at the yard and watch the Astros. Here's the deal - if Number 17 and Numero 45 start earning their $30 mil per year combined - we will be OK.

May 2, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary