By Marc Campos

Chron's Column

So far, Commentary thinks one of the new columnist is doing OK - a whole lot better than what they had. Commentary wants a columnist that isn't interested in being liked. They need to be respected. They need to kick everyone around, including Commentary's enemies. The other columnist writes about real estate - yawn - don't know about that.

The paperless folks supporters will march again today. A year later and no legislaion has passed. Maybe the new columnist needs to talk about the politics of Latino bashing. Maybe she needs to talk about local Latino politics and James Rodriguez.

Early Voting began yesterday in the $4 Million Shelley Special. Commentary heard that some eager James Rodriguez for City Council, District I voters showed up and were allowed to cast votes anyway. I don't know yet how the Dems are doing with Melissa.

Yard action tonight as Junior and the Reds visit Hunter and the Astros.

May 1, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary