By Marc Campos

Local GOP Vote Hunting

It is definitely going to be interesting to watch the three Dem H-Town mayoral candidates fish for GOP votes this year. They have to. They are going to have to dress up in GOP looking gear on occasion and plea for votes. They are also going to have to establish some sort of GOP street cred. I guess that is why Gene Locke has Jacob Monty as his treasurer and Sue Walden as his fundraiser. Annise Parker has quotes from a former GOP County Commissioner and has her former council colleague, GOPer Rob Todd listed as a supporter. Peter Brown has a sprinkling of GOPers on his supporter list. Shoot, more impressive, if everyone listed on Peterís supporter page goes to vote, heíll get in a run-off for sure. It looks like he has a lot of supporters.

Annise Parker has another big kick-off fundraiser tonight at the Four Seasons.

Speaking of, Gene Locke is having his real official announcement at The Yard on Saturday, April 18 when the Reds come to visit and the first 10,000 fans get Stadium Blankets commemorating 10 seasons of playing at The Yard.

The bad news for Michigan is Chrysler has 30 days to get their act together and GM has 60 days. The good news is Michigan State is in the Final Four that is being played in Detroit this weekend.

Detroit diehard Catholics arenít too happy that the Tigersí Home Opener is Good Friday at 1 pm. They say the 1 pm starting time conflicts with when you are supposed to observe Good Friday. The last thing Commentary wants to do is get into one of those non winnable religious debates but last time I checked there isnít a whole lot that shuts down on Good Friday. Maybe they can hand out fish sticks and little ketchup packets to the first 10,000 Catholics that attend and squeeze in the Stations of the Cross during the seventh inning stretch.

I got my MLB.com gear catalogue yesterday. It is more than just lids, t-shirts, and jerseys. You can order bikinis ($40) with your team logo, watches ($55), leather wallets ($30) with the team logo embossed, neck ties ($40), head bands ($12), pajamas ($25), brick red recliners ($700), swimming trunks ($30), beach balls ($20), rugs ($36), comforters ($100) , and a whole lot of other stuff.

Former ĎStro Morgan Ensberg got his walking papers from the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday.

Ballpark grub has certainly evolved over the years. Hereís a sample of The Yardís FiveSeven Grille menu: Rotisserie Chicken Nachos, Oven Roasted Vegetable Medley, Beer Battered Onion Rings, Slider Trio, Warm Goat Cheese and Marinara, FiveSeven Cheese Bread, Skillet Seared Salmon, Texas Vegetable Hoagie, Thai Noodle Salad, and Championship Key Lime PieÖ.mmmmmm! Some of the grub items will be available to go so you can feast on your Thai Noodle Salad in your seats and try to snag a foul ball at the same time on Opening Day in six days.

March 31, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary