By Marc Campos

Controlling Chaos and Opening Night!

In Senate District 15 it was Obama 158, Hillary 59. Commentary showed up at 7:45 am and left when it ended at 9:10 pm – yikes! Commentary has to hand it to the SD 15 Dem leadership for recognizing the massive logistical challenges and working to get through the day/evening and putting aside which candidate got more votes. It also helped a lot to have The Dean there to lay down the law and get things moving. Hey, when your mug is on the delegate credential like The Dean’s was, you get to be in charge.

The Dean also made sure that the delegates knew what was going on. The Dean, Commentary, and other SD Dem leaders spent most of the day/evening helping delegates out with their questions on the process. Commentary was one of the only fellas wearing a coat and tie so delegates probably thought I was important.

Apparently, most if not all of the big city Senate District Conventions shared similar logistical headaches. Heck, our meeting was in glorified high school gym. Our committees met in a locker room. We didn’t have a podium. We only had one grub line. You get the picture.

Commentary is now rethinking his position on this Lone Star State Dem Two-Step business. Who is to say we won’t go through this in four years? You can’t go through this with volunteers. You need professional meeting planners - which means, you need plenty of funding. To those that say that conventions are a great Dem Party recruitment tool, Commentary says BS. I don’t think a lot of the new folks that participated think much of the Lone Star State/Local Dem structure.

SD 15 Highlights/Lowlights: The Dean signing autographs on delegate credentials throughout the day/evening. Sheila Jackson Lee getting an unenthusiastic welcome by Obama delegates. The SD 15 ex-Committee Woman wearing a t-shirt saying she knew the rules – huh! The irate Hillary delegate giving The Dean and Commentary an earful and filming/recording us at the same time – word is she put us on You Tube. Rep Sly’s rip roaring welcoming speech – nobody does it better. Commentary turning down a state delegate slot so new folks could go instead. The young African American female delegate that stepped forward to help calm the atmosphere. John and Lenora doing a good job handling the Nominations Committee. The Credentials folks doing their best. Commentary getting a bunch of thank yous from folks.

I read somewhere yesterday that some participant said that SD 15 is sending the same old folks to Austin in June. That’s BS again. 170 delegates were elected at the precinct caucuses and Commentary checked the list – guess what – there are a whole lot of new folks going – a whole lot. All in all, we survived and the process was fair which is all you can ask – I suppose.

Commentary crawled out of bed Sunday morning and turned on the tube to see some a__hole writer from the NY Times say that Hillary ought to quit and this campaign should end. You know, after spending all day Saturday on my feet with only a couple of bottles of water, a baggie of wheat thins, and some leftover Easter candy, that’s the last thing I wanted to hear.

Dante missed out on the Convention because he had a ballgame and went three for three.

Speaking of, they got a new look at The Yard. There is a lot more brick red colors. They also moved the retired jersey to a better location.

W threw out the first pitch in the Presidential Opener at Nationals Park in DC last night. Cheeper Jones had the first dinger. Ryan Zimmerman won it for the Nats in the bottom of the ninth with a two out dinger walk off.

Forbes Magazine’s current issue is about baseball and money. Pam-In-Charge is one of folks featured. She got some good run – check it out.

Oh, by the way, the ‘Stros open the season tonight in San Diego – let’s play ball.

March 31, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary