By Marc Campos

Jacob’s Full Monty

Commentary’s buddy, Jacob Monty, put in his two cents worth, actually a buck fifty, in yesterday’s Chron with an Op-Ed. Check it out. Jacob is a GOPer. He’s also H-Town Mayoral candidate Gen Locke’s campaign treasurer and Harris County Dem Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s campaign treasurer. He’s also on the UH Board of Regents. Commentary doesn’t agree with some of the stuff Jacob wrote about yesterday. Some folks including the Working Man Hero had a problem with what Jacob said. Of course, nothing Jacob wrote about has anything to do with H-Town city government.

Today’s Chron front page headline: “GM Chief Ousted By White House.” That’s pretty powerful stuff. I wonder which CEO is next to be whacked by the White House?

Commentary watched Tiger be Tiger yesterday. There isn’t a whole lot on TV that is better than watching Tiger.

Former ‘Stro Jason Lane was sent down to the minors by the Blue Jays. Former ‘Stro Chris Burke was handed over by the Padres to the Mariners for cash. Chris Burke was the Number One draft pick by the ‘Stros in 2001 under then GM Gerry Hunsicker that the Chron’s Sports Columnist that knows more about baseball than you and me and everyone else combined never mentions.

Commentary snagged an invite to the Grand Opening of the FiveSeven Grille at The Yard (named after B-G-O and Bagwell and formerly called Nine Amigos) this Friday and Opening Day is one week away.

March 30, 2009 9:00AM

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