By Marc Campos

Primaries, No Respect, Yardtillas

Commentary had a discussion with CEWDEM yesterday. He mentioned that a Dem Party activist had a concern about party precinct conventions being held in early February next year if the Texas Leg moves the primaries to the dead of winter. A couple of weeks later we have the County/Senate District Conventions. Then three and a half months later we have the state convention – now that’s real smart. That is not what you call party building.

It looks like the AG hired a rat to serve as his chief of staff. You dirty rat! That’s what you call biting the hand that gave you a cheeto. I wonder if a Latino chief of staff would have taken a bullet for the AG.

It turns out Commentary’s interview on the AG’s visit to Houston did air after all – I still missed it.

Speaking of Channel 11, veteran Channel 11 reporter Nancy Holland will be leaving and move to the Big Apple – that’s New York City. Props go to Nancy for over 20 years of good, fair, and accurate coverage at KHOU-TV.

FoxSports.com came out with their Major League Power rankings and they got the Astros at #20. Come on, what’s wrong with those FoxSports idiots. Meanwhile, in Vegas, they got the over/under for season wins at 78 for the Astros – take the over and bet a bunch.

Speaking of idiots, errr mean idiots, the Houston Press has a mean piece on the ‘Stros this week. They even got a not so cool cover of a fan with a gun to his head. Hey, don’t they know that there are no guns in baseball. Man I miss Insider!

It turns out they are going to serve fajitas at the yard this year – the beef and pollo type. Plus, get this, fresh tortillas that will be made there at the yard in front of your eyes. Maybe they’ll let the cows graze out in Bagwell-Biggio Plaza, let the chickens hang out in the visitor’s bullpen, and plant some cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and peppers (for the pico de gallo) out on Tal’s Hill – nobody goes up there anyway.

I hear St. Arnold’s will be served close to Aisle 132 – we’ll see!

Numero 45 rides into town tonight – great! Give him a fajita and a St. Arnold’s! Exhibition opener tonight, Opening Day/Night in three days!

Correction: One of Rain Man’s favorite restaurants is “Pizzicotto.”

March 30, 2007, 9:00AM

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