By Marc Campos

Wacky Lege, Another Endorsement, Running For What?

By Marc Campos

We can always count on the Texas Legislature to humor the good folks back home. The lege is trying to make sense of school finance, taxes and a budget. Now they have ventured into the world of a college football playoff system. Huh?

The lege has never been able to adequately address public education, fairness in taxes, and our state budget always underserves the most needy, so now they think they can help determine the true national champion in college football. Yep, that's what we sent them to Austin to do. You guys have 140 days to solve the state's problems, don't even think about coming back home unless we have a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a sixteen team playoff system in place. Texans are not going to spend another football season moaning about the fact that the current BCS does not truly produce a national champion. Auburn Nation and Utah Nation deserve better. We're counting on you to fix what college presidents, head coaches, sports writers, and TV network execs have produced. Your expertise on this issue will forever be appreciated.

Former Houston City Council Member Eleanor Tinsley Endorses Sue Lovell. Lovell, candidate for Houston City Council, At-Large, Position 2 received the endorsement from one of the most revered former local elected officials. Said Tinsley: "Sue Lovell is my choice for Houston City Council because we share the same values and vision for Houston. Sue will be a strong advocate on City Council for creative and fiscally responsible ideas that will improve the quality of life in every Houston neighborhood."

Wannabe For What? A wannabe for city council sent out a letter to East End precinct judges and says - "I registered with the City of Houston to run for City Council in the upcoming November 2005 elections". Hold on a second. Dude, you can't get your name mentioned unless you say what position you are running for. At-Large or District? Maybe you made a little mistake and forgot to list the position - but forgetting to list the position you are running for is more than a little mistake. Maybe you haven't decided what position you are seeking and trying to get feedback from the precinct judges. Then why not say that?

In the letter, the wannabe says - "you have a choice". A choice for what?

March 30, 2005, 9:00AM

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