By Marc Campos

Quickie, No Comment

Commentary will call it what it is, the political equivalent of a sexual quickie. I’m talking about moving the Texas political party primaries to early February next year. Before you know it, it will be all over. If we really, really want to have an impact, move the primary up to mid-December of this year – yeah, sure.

Folks need to start thinking about the impact moving the primary will have on the local party primary races like state legislator, county commissioner, county clerk, and sheriff. Think about this, what kind of real grass roots campaigns are we going to have in December and January. We’re not New Hampshire or Iowa where folks are used to campaigning in freezing weather.

Sure, we’ll see the major candidates spend some money on ads. So we get to see some campaign ads the last two weeks of January – is it worth it? Commentary doesn’t think so. America needs to get serious about national regional primaries.

The Attorney General was in town yesterday and didn’t speak to the local media. The AG dropped by the Houston Hispanic Chamber lunch to say a few words. My good friend Edgar Colon got his mug in the paper with the AG – looks like Edgar was providing cover.

Commentary was interviewed yesterday by a local TV station to say some words about the AG’s trip to Houston. My take was the AG had so called home field advantage, so he should have been available to the local media. My interview never aired because of the huge building fire over on the East Loop that got live coverage.

Speaking of baseball, errr soccer, congrats go to Dodger first baseman Nomar Garciaparra and World Cup member Mia Hamm for having twin girls. I bet they’re wearing Dodger Blue this morning.

Speaking of baseball, the folks at the yard are unveiling new grub this afternoon for the local media that will be sold this year. I think Commentary will don his food critic gear, sneak in, and savor some of the ballpark delicacies. Word is, Lefty’s out in where else, left field, will offer barbecue….mmmm. And nope, contrary to rumors, Rain Man’s favorite, Pizzacatto’s out of Brentwood, will not open up a local yard eatery …..awwww.

Cy Young was born 140 years ago today! Opening Day/Night is 4 days away!

March 29, 2007, 9:00AM

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