By Marc Campos

Dem Endorsements and Round 3

Commentary can’t recall a time when endorsements of well known Americans meant so little this year. The LA Mayor, Bill Richardson, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jesse Jackson, The Governor of Arizona, Oprah, and on and on and on haven’t really moved the voters. I actually think that local endorsements probably mean a lot more this year. When talking about H-Town Latinos, I’ll take a Carol Alvarado and James Rodriguez over a Bill Richardson any day.

Speaking of, the Raging Cajun is certainly not going to let up on Bill Richardson – yikes! I wonder how you say Benedict Arnold in espanol!

Lone Star State Dems return to convention/caucus mode tomorrow at locations throughout the state. Take your ipods, some bottled water, a few candy bars, your blackberries, your newspaper, a few magazines, a book, a couple of crossword puzzles, your sense of humor, and a whole lot of patience. To veteran Dems, instead of trying to get over on the new folks, try explaining to them what’s happening. Let’s make sure it was worth it for everyone to give up a Saturday to participate in one of the most exciting campaign in our lifetimes. NOTE: Commentary is interested in hearing your takes on what happened at your County/Senatorial District Dem Convention – was it well organized, were you comfortable, was there plenty of room, which campaign was better organized, did they have good grub, was it informative, how long did it last, did you get tired of all the political speeches, and of course, who won. Like they used to say at the beginning of “Hill Street Blues” – let’s be careful out there!

If Dems are all jazzed up about democracy, how come some of them want the voting to stop and have Hillary to drop out? We can’t have it both ways – like scheduling the primaries then not finishing up the season. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is fixing to – if she hasn’t already – pi__ off a lot of Hillary supporters by staying “neutral.” Nobody wants to change the rules for Michigan and Florida and the last I checked - there aren’t a whole lot of rules telling the Super Duper Dem Delegates how to vote. I don’t think she and I agree on the definition of neutral.

On double dipping: “there is no excuse for early voters to be allowed to vote again election day----------i am a judge and we are provided a list of ev---we are to put ev next to that persons name a couple days before the big day-----------ssooooo---some body is not doing their job----------make these people be responsible--if they are going to run an election-------thank u--------judy starns -in channelview”

More feedback: “The remarks by Rev. Wright may not being going away but they don’t seem to be doing much damage to BO either. The media is glossing over it and he has unofficially assumed the role of nominee to them. I do not understand why Hillary’s standing in the polls continues to drop in comparison to his and why she is being accused of running a negative campaign when it’s his supporters who are doing the negative mail outs. BO will not win the nomination, we will lose it and something has to change SOON. The former DA would have accepted the plea bargain for Slade…negotiations were started while he was still there. The office did not want to risk an acquittal and they narrowly escaped doing so in the first trial. To them a conviction is a conviction. - Kay Walton, Houston”

There will be some new grub at The Yard this season including “Sliders” – tiny burgers. White Castle actually invented them a while back but theirs were called “Slyders.” The grub patrol at The Yard will also roll out Philly Cheese Steaks and Icees. As long as they still keep my mainstays – St. Arnold’s, peanuts, and hot dogs – it’s OK with me.

Pam-In-Charge and her crew get back in action this evening as the Tigers visit The Yard – I think I’ll drop in.

March 28, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary