By Marc Campos

One Bullet

Add the Harris County Sheriff to the list of local targets in next year’s election. One of the local TV stations did a news piece on him last night on how he mishandled the search for the missing A&M student who also happens to be African American. The TV station made his office look like Barney Fife leading the Keystone Kops. It was pitifully sad. The news story is going to be one kick butt mail piece next year. Of course, in order for Dems to win in Harris County in ’08, we need to start building up our base – which isn’t happening yet.

Remember last year when the fella that ran and won the Chair of the State Dem Party said he was going to do stuff here in Harris County – has anyone seen the fella around here lately? I think he’s avoiding Commentary.

Heck, it looks like W’s AG will be in H-Town before the State Dem Party Chair. Hey, maybe they’ll have the welcome home party at the Mexican restaurant that just reopened off of Kirby Drive. I hate to say this, but W’s AG is turning out to be everyone’s favorite political piñata up in DC.

Ria Cortesio has to be one cool lady, errr umpire. She’s going to get to call the bases as an ump in an exhibition game tomorrow in Arizona between the D-Backs and the Cubbies.

Said Cubbie first baseman Derrick Lee – “It’s about time. Female eyes are as good as male eyes.”

Cortesio is 30 years young. Commentary looks forward to seeing Ria in the bigs one day soon. FYI – Cortesio used to intern with the Astros a while back when she was attending Rice University.

Speaking of baseball, this season will be the eight at the yard – wow! That’s a lot of St. Arnold’s and foul balls. It is interesting, Craig Biggio is the only current Astro that was in uniform when the yard opened back in 2000 against the Yankees. That’s why he’s on the road to 3000.

March 28, 2007, 9:00AM

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