By Marc Campos

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Props to the local Latino high school students for walking out of class yesterday to protest immiGREAT bashing. Hello Latino adults, the kids are showing us up. The students, mostly from the Aldine school district, now face disciplinary action. Let's hope the punishment isn't of the draconian type. Maybe local Latino leaders ought to weigh in to make sure draconianism doesn't prevail.

THIS JUST IN. Latino high school students at a Fort Bend County High School just walked out of class this morning - good for them. The Latino students may not know the complexities of the current debate, but at least they know it stinks.

Speaking of local Latinos, Harris County has 61,934 Latino owned businesses - the third highest in the U.S. - behind LA County and Miami-Dade County - according to the U.S. Census (2002 figures.)

Vince Young will throw out the first pitch at the Astro-Fish game next Tuesday night. Glad to see the Astros recognize his talent.

Looks like we're gonna get an "Ocean's Thirteen." Loved "Eleven", didn't care much for "Twelve." "Thirteen" won't have Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta-Jones, but will have Ellen Barkin - where has she been?

The Chron has a story today about DeLay losing his concealed weapon permit because he was indicted. DeLay wants his permit back. When he used to be "The Hammer," why did he need one in the first place, he used to have a security detail? The law is the law, no permit for DeLay.

This is the first year I actually filled out a March Madness bracket. Two of my Final Four picks are still alive - UCLA and Florida. My others - UT made it to the Elite Eight, Seton Hall, my upset pick, got nailed in the first round, then their coach was fired.

Re my take on Baggy yesterday, one of the half dozen Daily Commentary readers pointed out that Jeff's wife is of the Latina persuasion. What's up with Katie Couric dating a fella named Jimmy Reyes from D.C. Reyes is a beer distributor that gives $$ to the GOP - yikes!!

March 28, 2006, 9:00AM

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