By Marc Campos

Houston's Lobby Team

By Marc Campos

In last Friday's Chron, the city of Houston's lobby team was slapped around by local legislators. Said Rep. Gary Elkins - "I don't know what their priorities are."   Said Rep. Garnet Coleman - "Under this new administration, (Houston Mayor Bill White's) so far the city has limped a little bit...". Translation: How about sending someone over from the city to kiss my, _____, errrr, ring?

Said Mayor White - "Nothing has passed and become law that would hinder us to date." The Mayor is absolutely right. The White-Whitmire Safe Clear deal was cut and the anti-red light camera bill is stuck in Senate traffic. Advantage Houston.

Commentary recalls the days of the Mayor Lee Brown administration when the city was biennially legislatively assaulted in Austin. Brown's agenda survived those days thanks to certain legislators, hired guns, and the city's staff lobbyists. It looks like the current city lobby team has shaped up. The city appears to be in a position to survive the next two months in Austin.

March 28, 2005, 9:00AM

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