By Marc Campos

DA OK And Legalization

The Chron’s front page story is about the GOP Harris County DA calling out a couple of her prosecutors for zapping African Americans as potential jurors during jury selection – calling it “negligence or incompetence.” I’m sure some Dems probably think she could have been a bit more outraged, but considering DAs past, it is a pretty good step forward. Way to go DA!

Yesterday at The President’s cyperhall meeting, he was asked about the legalization of marijuana. This issue has also gotten a lot of run the last two days on CNN. So begins the national debate about legalizing drugs.

Gene Locke announced he was running for H-Town Mayor yesterday and Commentary did a Channel 2 take on the race. Check it out.

Last year the GOP Guv of Rhode Island ordered a crackdown on paperless folks. Check it out in the Chron. Latinos aren’t too happy with the GOP Guv. It looks like Rhode Island went from a state to a stain.

Speaking of, also from the Chron : “The DREAM Act is back!” A bipartisan group of lawmakers today introduced legislation that would offer a narrow legalization program for illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and have stayed in school and out of trouble.

“Supporters of the legislation, first introduced in 2001, say it would offer an estimated 65,000 children, teens and young adults the opportunity to become legal residents and get on a path toward citizenship.”

The Senate bill was introduced today by Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, and Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana. U.S. Reps. Howard Berman, D-Calif., and Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., introduced the House measure.

"Three Stooges The Movie" is in the works with Senn Penn being asked to play "Larry", Jim Carrey possibly as "Curly", and Benicio Del Toro" as 'Moe" maybe. That's Milk to Larry, Mask to Curly, and Che to Moe - got it!

A federal judge showed mercy on Miguel Tejada yesterday and the Chron’s Sports Columnist that knows more about baseball than you and me and everyone else combined didn’t. Check it out. Tejada apollyized yesterday in federal court and will be batting fifth on Opening Day in ten days.

March 27, 2009 9:00AM

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