By Marc Campos

More Democratic Action and Votes

The Dean will be running our Senatorial District Convention this Saturday. That means SD 15 Dems can expect a well run and fair convention. Commentary supports The Dean so I’ll be there to lend a hand.

The Governor of Tennessee who is also a Super Duper Dem Delegate wants to have a Super Duper Dem Delegate Caucus Meeting in June to settle things. I don’t know about this. What’s the purpose of Dems going to Denver in late August?

Commentary received this from Pecos, Texas: “I am the county chairman in a small West Texas County and I have been running elections here for 30 years and don’t understand how someone could vote early and also on election day, the procedure that is prescribed by the secretary of state is that the list of people who voted early is provided to the precincts on election day and if it is shown that someone voted early they should be turned away. I don’t know what kind of system is being used in Harris County but there should be some safeguards in place to keep it from happening. My 2 cents worth. Bob Dean, Reeves County Democratic Chair.”

Commentary really doesn’t think the Obama Preacher factor is going away soon. It is kind of like everything you always wanted to know about the fella but were afraid to ask – yikes! Commentary’s getting comments about this that I’ll share soon.

We’ll be having a Dem run-off in a few days and the E-Day voting locations have been drastically reduced. I don’t know about that. We need to start getting serious about funding for elections.

The former TSU Prez cut a deal yesterday. I don’t know much about the local courthouse, but you got to figure that the former Harris County DA would not have cut a deal.

From the You Gotta Get a Life Dept.: Some folks now think the cover of “Vogue” perpetuates a stereotype. Lebron and Gisele are comfortable with the photo so that should be good enough for Commentary. I hope superstar photographer Annie Liebovitz doesn’t have to go on CNN to give a major speech on magazine covers.

Richard Widmark is no longer with us. In the 1960 movie “The Alamo”, Widmark played Jim Bowie. Forget the Bowie knife - in the movie he had one of the coolest weapons – like a six barrel shotgun.

Major League Baseball in H-Town tomorrow night! That’s all I know!

March 27, 2008 9:00AM

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