By Marc Campos

Off 5th

It doesn’t look too good for the Attorney General. His counsel now wants to take the fifth. Hey, aren’t those the same guys that force folks to take the fifth? FYI: The counsel that wants to take the fifth is being represented by the lawyer that investigated Pete Rose for MLB. I guess that means we’re not supposed to bet on her chances of survival. Meanwhile, you know the AG’s days are numbered when the folks that he hired are now invoking the fifth. On a brighter note, it’s raining big time on the AG and he has not resorted to playing the Latino, errrr race card – that’s a good thing.

Memo to the Mayor of Nashville, Bill Purcell – anytime you’re in H-Town, look me up and we’ll go to the yard. The Mayor vetoed one of those ugly English only resolutions that his city council passed. National LULAC better give the Mayor an award at their annual convention this summer – now that’s a profile in courage.

Please don’t, it is not worth it. I’m talking about moving the Texas Party Primary to early February next year. It not just about the Presidential race, it’s about all the other races. When are folks that are running for the state legislature, county judge, sheriff suppose to campaign? In January, during the Christmas holidays. Nobody gives a rat’s arse about electoral politics between mid-November and New Year’s Day! Moving up the primary is not going to increase voter turnout. It’s too fricking cold. When it is all said and done, if every other big state moves up their primary, are we really going to have that much of an impact? Heck, let’s move it back to April or May.

The couple that fell off of the cruise ship this past weekend want their privacy. They want their identities kept secret. Sorry pal. You fall off of a boat and the U.S. Coast Guard is called out, you lose your right to privacy.

Well Doggy didn’t make it – I’m talking about Richard Hidalgo’s comeback bid with the ‘Stros. Hidalgo was let go this past weekend. This year’s ‘Stros tickets feature Roy O., Berkman, Biggio, Ausmus, Lee and Jason Jennings. On the tickets, Lee is wearing Numero 45 and Jennings is Number 23. They don’t show the numbers of the other players because we’re supposed to know them already – Berkman is 17, Biggio is 7, Roy O. is 44, and Ausmus is 11.

Commentary is taking my niece Cristina this Friday to the exhibition opener versus the Royals. Cristina is a huge fan and just got a new gig – maybe she’ll buy the brewskies.

Speaking of James Rodriguez, growing up he had one of the coolest jobs of all time. James was once an Astros batboy. It helped pay for his college. According to James, being a batboy is a lot more than scooping up a bat. It involves lot of long hours. You have to be at the yard before the players get there and leave after the players. Still, it’s a gig that lots of kids would love. Opening Day/Night is now six days away.

March 27, 2007, 9:00AM

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