By Marc Campos

The Five, ImmiGREATS, Dan Patrick Panhandles, Sunday Evening TV

Number Five is history - unless we are blessed with a miracle. Jeff Bagwell tried his best, but he just couldn't get his right shoulder to come around. He's been an Astro since 1990.

How in the heck can we open a baseball season without Jeff Bagwell? How does Houston Astro baseball go on? Where's the book on life without Baggy?

Here are some numbers to think about.

449 - career home runs.
1529 - career RBIs.
2314 - career hits.
488 - career doubles.
202 - career stolen bases.
.297 - career batting average.
17 - million dollars he's gonna get paid this year - he's earned it.
1994 - year he was named MVP.
37 - age.
2 - daughters.

He is the only first baseman in history with more than 400 home runs and 200 stolen bases.

He is one of six first basemen in history with 300-plus home runs and 100-plus stolen bases.

He is a future Hall of Famer.

More numbers.

500,000 - L.A. Latinos demonstrating on behalf of immiGREATS this past Saturday.
50,000 - Denver Latinos demonstrating.
20,000 - in Phoenix.
10,000 - in Milwaukee.

In the past couple of weeks, tens of thousands more in Chicago and thousands in Sacramento and Charlotte, North Carolina - Charlotte, North Carolina?

Houston, let's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLE! Houston Latinos, it's your turn to demonstrate.

You knew it was bound to happen. The great lobbyist and immiGREAT basher, Dan Patrick, is now taking money from the lobby. The GOP Senate District 7 candidate now thinks it is OK to take lobbyist money after he bashed them during his campaign.

"I didn't realize how expensive it was to run a campaign," whimpered Patrick. Sorry Pal, ever here of zero cred?

Jon Bon Jovi joined the Matt Santos campaign. Next week's episode is titled "Election Day." The episode will also reveal what happens to Leo McGarry (the late John Spencer.) The Santos campaign will also make daily stops in Texas - hey, maybe they will hold a rally in Manchester, one of my best friend's 'hood. Then maybe Matt Santos can drive up Navigation and stop off at his favorite breakfast hangout Merida and shoot the bull with my buddy Rafael. Santos to Josh -"You think we're going to win?" "I do," replies Josh.

It looks like Tony Soprano is back. Still trying to figure out the dream sequence, like what's up with Tony Blundetto coming back from the dead? One thing looks for sure, Vito Spatafore will soon be sleeping with the fishes. How about "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" being played?

March 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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