By Marc Campos

Waiting To Inhale

The Sec State admitted to reporters yesterday that a bunch of folks in the U.S. of A. do inhale. She also said what Commentary said the other day. We kind of contribute to what is happening south of the border. A lot of folks here in the U.S. of A. didnít take kindly to the Sec Stateís admission. CNNís hot shot war reporter Michael Ware said yesterday that the border drug violence issue would go away if we legalized drug use in the U.S. of A.

CEWDEM unloaded on H-Town Mayoral candidate Gene Locke yesterday over Lockeís campaign treasurer, Jacob Monty. Apparently Jacobís law firm website says he can handle your companyís union problems Ė it actually says "Keeping Your Company Union Free." (First let me say that Jacob is a Commentary buddy. Iíve actually done work for his firm on an immigration matter.) I donít have a problem if CEWDEM points out stuff on Jacobís firm and tries to hang it around Lockeís campaign. However, I do have to say that Jacob was also Adrian Garciaís campaign treasurer when he ran for Sheriff. Iím not trying to help out Locke on this issue. He certainly has paid talent on board that can do this. In 2003 in the H-Town Mayoral election it was pointed out that then candidate Bill White had a high paid local GOP lawyer that helped steal the election from Dems in Florida in 2000 doing commercials for him, local Dems just yawned. I wonder if anonymous will accuse CEWDEM of being on Anniseís payroll since he did the opposition research for her.

A week or so ago some folks were all worked up about the ĎStros only being able to win one game in Sprint Training. Since then weíve won six in a row and Opening Day is eleven days away.

March 26, 2009 9:00AM

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