By Marc Campos

Voters and Thin Skins

The new DA here in Harris County got an interesting one thrown in his lap. Here in Harris County, 705 folks voted in both primaries and 459 folks voted twice in the Dem Primary – voting early and voting on E-Day. Commentary’s checked out the list and it looks like Dante and J. Dominic only voted once. I don’t recognize any of the names – whew!

Commentary doesn’t believe that we had over 1,100 folks trying to game the system. Commentary’s not a lawyer, but I don’t see how you can prosecute any of the 459 double dippers when you had everyone including CNN, the Chron, Obama/Hillary, the State/Local Dem Parties, and Commentary telling folks to vote twice. In a way, the Lone Star State Dem Party can be accused of setting up a sting operation, errr delegate selection process encouraging folks to vote twice. Maybe they ought to spank the election judges. They get the list of those that voted early and they are supposed to mark them on the main voter roll book so when you show up to vote again, you can’t because you’re already on the list. It looks like sloppy and lazy election judge work to me.

The voters that went both ways are another matter. Maybe they were the folks that were encouraged by GOP talk radio to go vote for Hillary. If that’s the case, then throw the book at them. Looking at this list, it looks like a lot of couples got into the swing of things if you know what I mean.

Some City of H-Town bureaucrats have thin skins. There was a meeting Monday morning over at the city to talk about the new online campaign contribution and expenditure reporting system. Stakeholders were invited – Commentary was not – and we are a stakeholder. Commentary read about the meeting on chron.com. I let the city meeting planners know that I wasn’t happy being excluded. They apparently didn’t like the tone of my emails. That’s too bad!

Obama’a Preacher is skipping his visit to H-Town this Sunday. Hey, I don’t blame him.

At the family’s Easter Caucus this past Sunday, Commentary, Dad, Mom, Mike, Cristina, Aida, Bobby, Linda, Vero, Becky, Rob, Morgan, and Dante were for Hillary. Dante’s Mom, Silverio, and Coop were for Obama.

West University Place will soon have a total cell phone use ban while driving through a school zone. This includes hands free devices. Of course, West U only has one school. Commentary would like to see this implemented here in H-Town.

McLovin turned 21 last Wednesday (3/19) during Spring Break. I guess I’ll have to buy him a St. Arnold’s next time I run into him at The Yard. Happy Belated Birthday Brad Wray!

From Japan today – A’s 5, Red Sox 1 – I wonder if they have a 7th inning stretch in Tokyo.

It looks like I won’t be checking out the ‘Stros and Tigers Saturday afternoon – duty calls - more on that later.

March 26, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary