By Marc Campos

Party Time

I wonder if Commentary will be invited to the AG’s welcome home party here in H-Town.

Well, Harris County folks read Commentary. It looked like they were going to search for the A&M African American student’s body after all – not now, though. Gruesome circumstances killed that idea. Well, at least they reconsidered.

Former Iowa Guv and Prez wannabee Tom Vilsack endorsed Hillary this past weekend. Commentary thinks he’ll be on her VP short list sometime next year – wanna bet?

FYI – Commentary used to be a dog owner – she died 10 years ago and I shed some tears. A lot of pet lovers are experiencing angst nowadays about their “children” and the bad food that’s out there. Hey, if they were your children, why did you feed them dog and cat food!

Tiger had a bad day yesterday and still won.

Major League baseball returns to Houston this Friday as the ‘Stros host the Royals for a couple of exhibition games. The Royals? Hey, it’s baseball, remember, Hall of Famer George Brett used to play for KC and they won a World Series with him. Speaking of, Commentary is seriously considering putting some money on the ‘Stros to win the World Serious this year. I think they have a shot. One week until Opening Day/Night. Get ready!

March 26, 2007, 9:00AM

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