By Marc Campos

Today’s Chron

The Chron says today that they are letting go 12% of their employees. That’s too bad.

The Chron’s front page headline today is: “U.S. Plans 1-2 Punch To Wipe Out Cartels.” I don’t know about that – good luck.

Latino immigrant rights activists showed up at H-Town City Hall yesterday to let city council know that they didn’t think it is a good idea to make HPD an arm of ICE. One of the Latino leaders called out H-Town’s Mayor and insinuated that the Mayor was playing U.S. Senate campaign politics with this issue. This brought a swift rebuke from Balls of Holly who went on to chastise the Latino leader. I think Commentary said a while back that when the Mayor officially got into the U.S. Senate race that all of his City Hall moves were going to be looked at as political moves. Balls of Holly might be spending a lot of time rebuking in the coming months. One of the Latino leaders that addressed city council was Cesar Espinoza who also happened to be one of the presenters at last month’s Houston Area Latino Summit. Hail Cesar – go get them!

Speaking of, we just launched www.houstonlatinosummit.com. It is a work in progress for sure. Here is what H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez sent out yesterday:

“Dear Houston Area Latino Summit Attendee,

“Sorry it has taken this long to get back to you. I would like to introduce you to www.HoustonLatinoSummit.com, a website, which we will build upon. It is our hope to make the Houston Area Latino Summit website the premier Latino website in the Houston area. We intend to have a more user-friendly and interactive website where your opinion can be heard, the issues of the day can be posted and a calendar of Latino related events can be listed. Please feel free to offer constructive suggestions.

“In addition, a number of you have inquired about the cost and the sponsorships for the Houston Area Latino Summit. Check them out at Latino Summit Expense and Sponsorship Report.

“We hope to have another summit sometime this summer. Again, thank you for your interest and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me or e-mail me at, 713-861-2244 or info@houstonlatinosummit.com.


James Rodriguez
Houston City Councilmember, District I”

From my ‘Stros Spring Training Notes: Pudge is #3 on the all time games caught list with 2,173. Carlton Fisk is #1 with 2,226 and Bob Boone is #2 with 2,225. That means when he catches his 54th game this year, he will be #1. Hope he does it at The Yard sometime in June and they give out catcher’s mitts to the first 10,000 fans. Pudge is wearing #14 right now but will switch to #12 on Opening Day in 12 days.

March 25, 2009 9:00AM

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