By Marc Campos

Poor Bill

An unnamed person called out Commentary about yesterday’s Bill Richardson take. Hey, I was just reporting the facts so take it easy. Bill Richardson is a big hombre and he can certainly take care of himself. Speaking of, Richardson was on TV last night and he said Dems ought to cut back on Super Duper Dem Delegates from 800 to 400. Commentary prefers going from 800 to zero.

Here is what the unnamed person had to say: “A note from Marc Anthony (the Italian): Fellow Houstonians, friends, Texans, lend me your ears. Bill Richardson clearly stated the reasons for his Obama endorsement - the better person to lead based on shared values. My experience in the Roman Senate tells me that there are many Latinos who will remain "loyal" to Bush and the Republicans. There is a big difference between loyalty to a person (ask Jimmy Carter about Hillary), and loyalty to principles - an important distinction here. Richardson understands this. All the best, Senator Marc Anthony.”

Huh! I got to get me one of those code decipher gizmos from the Sharper Image to figure this one out.

Hillary apparently “misspoke” on her Bosnia trip ….tsk, tsk, tsk. Now instead of spending all afternoon talking about “Judas” on CNN, we will be hearing about “misspoken” words.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Dem leadership of the local Senatorial Districts is taking Commentary’s advice by letting folks know about the processes and stuff. That’s a real good thing. So now I’m starting to think that stealing my Nominations Committee Chairmanship was just an isolated thing and not a conspiracy – maybe. I’ll have my blackberry with me at The Yard this Saturday just in case.

Major League Baseball had its Opening Day this morning from Japan – Red Sox 6, A’s 5 in 10 innings. The ‘Stros play for real next Monday in San Diego – we get to see the real deal in 13 days against the Cardinals. I don’t know about opening up the season on the other side of the Pacific Rim. I wonder what kind of giveaway they had for the Tokyo fans. I wonder how you say bobblehead in Japanese.

March 25, 2008 9:00AM

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