By Marc Campos

On The Kuff

Somebody sent Off the Kuff an anonymous letter saying that CEWDEM is on my payroll. How many times do I have to say that CEWDEM goes to my website and snatches up Daily Commentary and zaps it to your nearest computer?

I got a feeling that anonymous has to have something to do with the H-Town City Council District H race because folks know that Yolanda Navarro Flores is my client. They must be real worried about Yolanda’s campaign. They figure that Commentary has something up his sleeve (of course I do) and want to discredit me and CEWDEM before the race really gets going. I guess anonymous wants to try to make us into some sort of toxic arsets. I guess anonymous must be taking orders from one of Yolanda’s opponents. Let’s see now, which opponent benefits from being tied to anonymous. Is it you Maverick? How about you Ed? Come clean Rick. Come on Camacho. You too Hugo.

Has anonymous ever considered that maybe CEWDEM is on the ‘Stros’ payroll and the team wants to make sure my thoughtful and unbiased ‘Stros takes are sent to every important Dem here, there and everywhere.

Speaking of, Commentary had the honor last night of speaking to Edgar’s Hispanic Politics class at UH-DT. Edgar’s students are pretty knowledgeable about the local scene. We chatted about the Houston Area Latino Summit and the future of Latino politics in H-Town.

Commentary had the ‘Stros game on the tube yesterday and MariGirl fell for Pudge. She thinks he’s good looking and now she’s searching for Opening Day tickets. Speaking of, it looks like Bethany, The Former Young Political…… has signed on to go with me to Opening Day – cool.

Did you know that former ‘Stro Morgan Ensberg is trying to make it as a Tampa Bay Ray?

Cecil Puede says we’re going to win at least 90 games. I don't have a problem with that. In checking out the schedule, we don’t have those six games against the Yankees and Red Sox like we had last year. We also have three against the Royals so Cecil Puede. He also has slotted Pudge to bat second for Opening Day in 13 days.

March 24, 2009 9:00AM

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