By Marc Campos

Et Tu Bill!

A few weeks ago Henry Cisneros commented that a key reason for Latinos supporting Hillary was loyalty. I guess Henry forgot to tell Governor Richardson about the Latino loyalty factor. Richardson was named Energy Secretary and UN Envoy by President Clinton – muchas gracias Senor Presidente! I wonder how you say loyalty in espanol?

You know things aren’t getting better on the campaign trail when President Clinton is accused of McCarthyism – oh, brother!

Speaking of loyalty, Joe Lieberman and John McCain were seen shopping together in Paris during Spring Break.

Let’s see now – 4,000 gone, an economy in the tank, three and a quarter for a gallon of gasoline, and Dem chances of reclaiming the White House not looking as good as they should. Despite having two great candidates, the campaigns themselves and the Florida/Michigan debacle is definitely taking a toll – yikes!

Meanwhile, Commentary is starting to think that Round 3, err the Dem County/Senatorial District Conventions will go better than I first thought thanks to both campaigns. The campaigns are doing a pretty good job of educating their folks on the processes and what to expect. I think the watchful eyes of both campaigns will keep the usual Dem suspects in check and hold shenanigans down to a minimum. Commentary doesn’t feel that bad now about the Nominations Committee Chair being stolen from me.

March Madness is coming to H-Town this weekend. The ‘Stros also make their home debut in an exhibition game Friday evening against Detroit. Longhorns and Tigers and Cardinal and Spartans and Tigers and ‘Stros – oh my!

March 24, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary