By Marc Campos

Hit The Reauxd, Conventions, No S__t, Hoops

I got to hand it to the Chron, they sure know how to pull up the welcome mat. There is a front page story about a Chron poll and the headline reads - "Poll: Locals Evacuee-Weary." Hey, maybe the Chron thinks the evacuees don't read the Houston daily.

If I'm from NOLA and I pick up today's Chron, Iím not gonna be happy that half of the Houston area folks think we'll be worse off if the evacuees decide to hang around or that nearly half think that the evacuees have been bad for the city. Folks tend to forget that the evacuees didn't ask for Katrina.

We all know that there is some tension out there, but when a local congressman says "ship 'em back," - duh, to where - it does not help. Maybe the Chron ought to take the lead and start buying time on TV and radio stations and run PSAs on how we all ought to get along.

Six months ago, our local leaders were elbowing their way to the dais to get their mug on TV to proclaim how Houston was responding to this disaster and high fiving each other. Where's that neighborly love today?

Commentary will be attending his Senate District 15 Democratic Convention tomorrow. I'm on the Resolutions Committee - my job will be to try to kill all those goofy resolutions. The office's young political consultant will also be attending hers - SD 13. My Buddy will go to SD 7. The Young Gun(less) will attend SD 6. In my book, a good Dem will attend their senate district or county convention - it is part of the process.

From the No S__t Dept: A Chron business section headline - "Invasion has backfired," energy conference told. Wonder where they found the expert that made that claim?

If you stayed up to watch the Longhorns' March Madness Final Four run, you saw a doozie of a game. Also, the Tigers punked the Blue Devils, and Gonzaga gave one away to the Bruins - great hoops last night.

March 24, 2006, 9:00AM

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