By Marc Campos


U of Hís Dr. Murray put out a couple of takes last week on what Gene Locke needs to do to win the H-Town Mayoral race. He also put out a take on how unlikely it is for a Latino to win an H-Town Mayoral race right now. Iím waiting to see his take on what Annise needs to do to win. Iím also waiting to see his take on what Peter needs to do to win.

Two of the big questions in the upcoming Mayoral race are what will the GOP voters do in light of the fact that it looks like there wonít be a serious GOPer running and what will Latino voters do in light of the fact that it looks like there wonít be a serious Latino/Latina running.

Connecticut U.S. Senator Chris Dodd had a very bad week. Heís not what you would call a good face for Dems in the current national economic debate. It would be nice if he kind of moved on off to the side of the stage for a while. Of course, his ego probably wonít allow him to take a back seat. He also needs to do something about his haircut. Dodd thinks heís Dude.

Meanwhile there was story this weekend about a Special Olympian bowler who has bowled a few 300s. This Special Olympian also challenged The President Ė yikes! If The President accepts, I wonder if he has his own shoes or will he have to rent a pair.

The Rodeo set an overall attendance record this year and the Latino Rodeo Protesters didnít.

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl saw Julia Roberts and ďDuplicityĒ this weekend. It is a very good flick so check it out.

Commentary also snagged a FiveSeven Grill lid. I think Iím the only person in H-Town that has one right now Ė go figure. Team USA and Roy O. got clobbered by Japan last night so it is sayonara to the World Baseball Classic as Roy O. now returns to camp and gets ready for Opening Day two weeks from this evening.

March 23, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary