By Marc Campos

Rest in Peace, D List, Cirque, Brains

Commentary isn’t the only one in town this morning to pick up the Chron today and read the headline about local officials not utilizing the resources to find the body of an African American A&M student allegedly buried in a landfill. I’m not the only one this morning that uttered while drinking a cup of coffee – if she was of the Anglo persuasion, they’d have a kazillion folks out there going through the landfill with magnifying glasses. This is what you call a crying shame. Rest in peace my arse!

The Chron has a story today about free parking for electeds and other big shots at the local airports – the Chron mentions free parking also goes to “dignitaries.” I wonder if Commentary qualifies to be a dignitary. I wonder if there is a person at the city that determines dignitary status. I wonder if there is the so called “dignitary list.” I wonder who’s on the D-List. Me, CEWDEM, The Young Political Consultant…., Sweet Marisa……show me the list!

Last night I went to the Cirque Du Soleil show in H-Town. Those folks are in great shape – period. Heck, I work out regularly and they still made me feel bad. Check it out.

Next week Commentary will do a few takes leading up to Opening Day which is 10 days away. Yesterday, the Texans brought in their new QB, and confirmed one Vince year later that they don’t know what they are doing. Remember when they said a year ago that David Carr was their guy – well, so much for that idea. The Kirby Drive Brainless Trust has a long way to go before they get their cred restored. They need to maybe go check out how they think and do things over at the yard with Drayton, Tim, Scrap Iron, and Pam-In-Charge. Think about it, we don’t complain about the effort of Astros management, do we?



March 23, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary