By Marc Campos

Number 5, Kid Curfew, One And A Half, Campaign 101

His dingers are towering blasts. You know they're goners as soon as they leave the bat. He's one for my best friend's favorite players. She digs him. It doesn't look too good for Jeff Bagwell. He's got a bad wing. Nobody in a brick red uniform hits them like Baggy.

The city of Houston is looking at extending the curfew hours for teens. I don't know about that. Just make sure it doesn't make it harder for kids to go to the yard. If fewer kids attend games, beer and dog prices will increase.

Rumbo, a local Spanish language daily newspaper, will cut back operations. They will only publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now we're down to 1 1/2 Spanish language daily newspapers. That's too bad.

Nothing much to report on the State Dem Chair race, except that Glen Maxey's State Senator endorsed Boyd Richie. Is this supposed to be a message?

March 23, 2006, 9:00AM

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