By Marc Campos

Collision, Just Sports, and Contender

I hate to say this but I think W will win out on his O.K. Corral face-off with Dems in Congress. It is kind of interesting though, us Dems are fighting over why GOP U.S. Attorneys were fired – huh!

11 days until Opening Night/Day and Cards’ skipper Tony LaRussa was hauled off to the pokey last night for sleeping at the wheel – no word on whether or not he was wearing his trademark shades. I guess that's why they call them extra innings.

Well, it looks like the Texans finally are getting rid of their QB – one Vince year later.

He’s still a contender – Karl Malden is 95 years young today – I wonder if he’ll be out on the streets of San Francisco today.


March 22, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary