By Marc Campos

Make Them Earn Your Support, SA Fishtank

Back to the State Dem Chair race. The Boyd Richie team is starting to roll out endorsements. Daily Commentary is still not taking sides - I'm waiting for a commitment to a major league plan for the Houston area Latino vote. A couple of Houston electeds endorsed Boyd yesterday and I don't know if they received a commitment on Harris County - probably not.

I've talked to a few local Dem activists the past few days - nobody knows this Boyd fella, heck, I don't even know if he's ever been to Minute Maid Park. Has he been to Houston? Why can't Harris County Dem delegates/leaders hold off on supporting a candidate for awhile until we get some solid commitments in writing? Think of what we could do in local countywide races if we had some State Dem Party support? We're not that far away from winning a few judgeships. Don't throw away an opportunity because you want to be on the winning side, or because you want to stay in good graces with the Party Establishment, or because you want a good hotel room in Fort Worth. Let's make those State Dem Chair candidates EARN our votes. This isn't student council - it's the real deal!

In case you haven't figured it out, some of the Boyd fellas don't have our interests at heart, they only care about their own little deals - just check out who's sending out the endorsement press releases. Some little deals will never change, but our role as delegates could.

An SA Express News column today about the cost of building a crib for the wannabee SA Marlins for $300 million. Hey didn't I say that days ago. You can't do it and expect folks to attend - hey, come to the cheapest built yard in the bigs. You need AC. Congrats to Japan for winning the World Baseball Classic - huh?

March 22, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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