By Marc Campos

Super Duper Dems Do and Houston Hispanic Chamber Does

Commentary thinks that we ought to put to bed the argument that Super Duper Dem Delegates ought to vote their constituency. What is the point? I donít want to hear it! Governor Bill Richardson didnít do it today. Sheila Jackson Lee didnít do it. Ted Kennedy isnít going to do it. John Kerry isnít going to do it. Let them just do their thing.

Now that Florida and Michigan Dems look like forgotten homeless voters, Commentary heard that someone is suggesting a convention of sorts of uncommitted Super Duper Dem Delegates to seal the deal after the final primaries in June. Great, thatís just what we need!

It also looks like Florida and Michigan Dems donít get to go Easter Egg hunting this weekend - a sad case of lost huevos I guess.

At this rate, Commentary has to start reassessing Dem chances for November nationally and here locally.

Commentary has to hand it to the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for putting on a smooth and informative production yesterday. At the Chamber's Annual Luncheon they laid out a strategic plan and vision that made a lot of sense to Commentary. It definitely wasnít your typical chamber of commerce luncheon. Dr. Laura Murillo, Edgar Colon and their team deserve applause for putting together an exceptional event. There is a good story in today's Chron - check it out.

Also at yesterdayí Hispanic Chamber luncheon there wasnít a huge presence of GOP electeds. The only one spotted was Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. There were a few Dem electeds like Cong. Gene Green, H-Town Council Members Adrian Garcia, James Rodriguez and Peter Brown, City Controller Annise Parker, State Senator Mario Gallegos, State Rep. Ana Hernandez, and HCCS Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores. Maybe GOPers think there may not be a whole lot of GOP voters within the Latino community in light of all the paperless folk bashing.

FYI Ė the ĎStros were one of yesterdayís Hispanic Chamber sponsors Ė cool!

March 21, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary