By Marc Campos

Fairy Tale and the L Word

Sex sells I guess. The Chron has a take on DeLay’s book today. While in the Texas House and in his early days in Congress, DeLay says he used to down a dozen martinis then end the night with sweeties in some sort of legislative orgy. Sorry, that’s tough to believe. You down a dozen martinis and you’re going to pass out period. Who in the heck would want to end up with this fella anyway? Give us the names of the sweeties, show us some pictures, tell us what went on, details please, let us know your porn name – aka, Tom Pole Cat, Tom Terrific, Tom DeLicious, Tom Big Boy. Nah, this sounds like a bad read – a very bad fairy tale. How do you spell phony – DeLay?

Let’s see now, Hillary came to H-Town this past weekend and went to the Third Ward and the Fifth Ward, then headed out to a fancy restaurant on Richmond. Obama came and went to a Downtown union hall then to River Oaks. Edwards went to River Oaks to pick up some moolah. Richardson made it as close as Austin. I’ve got to see if Vegas has a line on which Dem Prez candidate will do the first political event in H-Town’s Latino community, which by the way is also H-Town’s largest population group.

Speaking of Latinos and baseball with Opening Day 12 days away, we have Carlos Lee batting clean-up and starting in left field, we got Wandy Rodriguez as Starter Numero 4, we got Orlando Palmeiro as Pinch Hitter Numero Uno, we got Humberto Quintero as Receptor Numero Dos, we got an eatery at the yard called Nueve Amigos, word is fajitas and yard-made tortillas will be sold on the main concourse this season, and we got the Chron’s Jose De Jesus Ortiz letting us all know what’s happening with the team – hey, we’re getting there!

March 21, 2007, 9:00AM

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