By Marc Campos

State Dem Chair Race, 'Cause You're Mexicans

"I am committed to addressing the concerns of our party's most loyal supporters, the African-American and Hispanic communities and Organized Labor. I will work with the leaders for the allocation of resources to further their efforts to elect our Democratic candidates at every level," says State Dem Chair candidate Boyd Richie.

I don't know this fella, but supposedly, he's the favorite to win because he has the support of the Party Establishment. So far, his folks say we should support him because he's a nice fella and he goes to Dem Party events. Now he says he's going to address 'my", errrr, Latino concerns.

OK, fair enough. This - Daily Commentary - Latino's concerns are in Harris County. If the State Dem Chair candidates are really serious about making Texas Dems more competitive, then they need to make Harris County's growing Latino community a numero uno priority. Come down here, visit with the Latino Dem leadership, errr, not just the electeds, work with us to develop a plan that has goals and is WELL FUNDED, kind of like a major "allocation of resources." We're not going to start winning unless we invest in Harris County's Latino community, period.

Here's some free advice. Harris County Latino delegates to the State Dem Convention in Fort Worth ought to withhold support of a candidate until he commits to a plan - in writing. In fact, ALL Harris County delegates ought to withhold support until a candidate commits to a Harris County Latino Democratic Plan. Let's not support a fella because he's nice or because he supported Howard Dean. We have a chance to finally get somebody to pay attention to us, let's not blow it!

"If we can be partners in trade, partners in the fight against terrorism and against organized crime, why can't we be partners in achieving an orderly, humane, legal, dignified migration between our countries?" This comes from an ad purchased by the Mexican government that is running in a few major U.S. newspapers today. Yeah, good luck. We'll take your Coronas, tequila, and busboys, happy birthday Benito Juarez, born on this day 200 years ago!

March 21, 2006, 9:00AM

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