By Marc Campos

The Al Edwards Statue

By Marc Campos

Al Edwards has a statue on the grounds of the Texas state capitol and you don't. Unless his plans are derailed by the state legislature, Texas State Representative Al Edwards (D-Houston) appears headed to have a statue in his likeness permanently placed on statue row, errrr, on capitol soil.

The Juneteenth Commission has renderings depicting five figures that will make up the Juneteenth statue capitol display. One of them is called "the lawmaker", and guess what, he looks a lot like Rep. Edwards, the so-called Father of the Texas Juneteenth Holiday - he authored the holiday bill. A few of Al's African American legislative colleagues are trying to get the lege to weigh in and redo the look-alike figure. How about Barbara Jordan or Mickey Leland?

You have to give Edwards his props. We have all been leveling criticism at him this past week for his votes on school finance and taxes while he has been quietly shepherding his statue project. He voted with the majority - the GOP - so it will be interesting to see if the lege orders a facelift on "the lawmaker" statue. Regardless, he has definitely pulled one over on all of us. He may join the ranks of Bush 41 (downtown Houston), Hank Aaron (the Ted), and Craig Biggio - Jeff Bagwell (Minute Maid) - those that have statues while still living.

Best line of this past weekend. "Senate Democrats deserve to be the minority party", said George Felos, one of the lawyers representing the husband of Terri Schiavo. He was referring to Dem U.S. Senators rolling over on the unprecedented Terri Schiavo legislation and debate. Felos singled out Clinton, Kerry and Leahy.

March 21, 2005, 9:00AM

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