By Marc Campos

Ugliness Returns

A right wing anti paperless folk group called U.S. Borderwatch bring their hate mongering arses to H-Town City Hall next Tuesday to try to get HPD into the immigration enforcement business. My old friend Bill King was asked a few months ago if he supported HPD going into the immigration enforcement business. His response: let’s talk about that after we catch all the local car thieves, burglars, murderers, and child molesters – you get the picture. Commentary would like to see the H-Town Mayoral candidates put out a strong and clear statement on this issue.

Commentary goofed yesterday when I said that Balls of Holly was the only H-Town city council incumbent with an opponent. District E’s Michael Sullivan has an opponent – don’t know his name though.

Commentary checked out the Greater Heights Dem District H candidate’s forum last night. Let’s see parking issues on Washington, crime in 77008, not enough police visibility, not enough parks, too many SROs, floodplains, no garbage pick-up in the East End, Chapter 42 revisions, a senior housing facility that needs a lot of repairs – heck, sounds like we got a lot of issues that need addressing in my ‘hood!

Commentary will be heading to the flicks again first chance I get because Julia Roberts has a new movie out. You really can’t go wrong with a Julia Roberts flick. Even a not so good Julia Roberts flick is good enough for me.

Ivan Rodriguez reported to camp yesterday and should be wearing the Spring Brick Red sometime this weekend. The ‘Stros face the Blue Jays tomorrow who by the way have former ‘Stro Jason Lane trying to make the team and having a pretty good spring as we now move to 17 days before Opening Day.

March 20, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary