By Marc Campos

Re-Vote, Re-Do, Re-Something & Houston Hispanic Chamber

Commentary can understand why maybe Obama might not be in a hurry to get Florida and Michigan in the game. The 2024 magic number becomes 2207 or something like that. Commentary can understand why maybe Hillary wants Florida and Michigan suited up – the 2207 magic number. (Dr. Murray set Commentary straight on this!) Regardless, it makes it a lot more difficult for the nominee if we go into the general with two battleground states upset because they didn’t count. Commentary still thinks that we need a Super Duper Dem Diplomat to step in and hammer out a deal. You guys have any other ideas?

Meanwhile, there is still a lot of buzz about the March 29 County/Senatorial Dem Conventions that Commentary is skipping since they stole my Nominations Chairmanship. Commentary and others are wondering if Dem leaders are properly preparing to deal with huge numbers of delegates that are showing up or are they spending their time figuring out how to game the system on behalf of their candidates or their same old folks. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint the thousands of new folks that will be showing up expecting a fair, informative, and transparent democratic process. We will see.

Bin Laden surfaced again yesterday and this time came out and railed against the Super Duper Dem Delegate process. What else is new?

Commentary will be heading to the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Luncheon today. I snagged me a personal invite from the CEO – Dr. Laura. Edgar and his folks always have an impressive array of big wigs that attend. Maybe I’ll run into Council Member Rodriguez and Carol Alvarado.

From the Did You Know Dept: The ‘Stros new bench coach is the uncle of the H-Town Mayor’s Chief of Staff – cool. Meanwhile, it looks like the ‘Stros will have two Latino starting pitchers – hope they can rack up some innings.

March 20, 2008 9:00AM

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