By Marc Campos

Four Years, HD Factor, Pad

Props go to the Chron for running an editorial today that was first published over four years ago, before W ordered troops to invade Iraq. It is kind of eerie when you read the editorial. Check it out.

Speaking of, no matter how much they try, supporters of W’s war just can’t make a convincing argument nowadays. It is kind of a pitiful spectacle to listen to these folks say we did the right thing. The world doesn’t believe them, the country doesn’t believe them, heck, their own pet dogs don’t even believe them.

Commentary has been checking out HDTV lately. It is kind of unkind to some older folks, which got me to thinking. You know how appearances and image have become bigger deals in presidential political campaigns? You have to wonder how HDTV will play into the campaign. Will blemishes, wrinkles, saggy skin, and skin tone become more pronounced and thus more discussed. Can you imagine a talking head saying – “well, now that we know the candidates positions on social security, let’s talk about how their makeup held up under the glare of the lights.” It is definitely coming.

You know, they run females off of news anchor desks because of the age deal….allegedly, I think HDTV will probably create an exodus of older male news anchors. Stay tuned.

Compliments of Pam-in-Charge, Commentary is trying out a new leather mouse pad made by Rawlings, the folks that make baseball gloves. I had to spend about an hour this morning getting it oiled up and breaking it in – cool. Opening Day is 13 days away!

March 20, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary