By Marc Campos

Kidding - Huh, Adrift - Not Telling, Briefcases, 37 Years Ago Today, Go To Gitmo, Walkout, To, Cuba Libre

"I did not think it would be as robust as it has been," Gen. George W. Casey said on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday - talking about W's War. Robust? Over 2,300 servicefolk dead, over 17,000 injured, $200 billion wasted - you call that robust? How about a monumental f___up?

Let's see, last week, Lady Foghorn picks up endorsements, Guv Dude calls a special session and his Sharp Task Force is fixing to lay out a plan, Kinky and a lot of his volunteers gets their pic in the Chron over the weekend, meanwhile, Dems are having a fight and sniping at each other over the State Dem Chair race. Talk about being adrift. Pointed out to My Buddy the other day about a glaring hole/problem I see that no one is pointing out in the Dem effort. Guess what? I'm not telling. I'm sometimes pretty good at pointing out these type of deficiencies, but when I do, folks get mad at me, then fix the issue, and other folks benefit - and folks stay mad at me, even though some folks privately tell me I was right to point things out - go figure. It shouldn't be hard to figure it out though.

How about last night's episodes of "The West Wing" and "The Sopranos"? A briefcase figured prominently in both. Also, in both, Houston was mentioned.

A Houston City Hall scandal involving Matt Santos was alleged in "The West Wing" - yikes! 29 year young Anita Morales - where are you? Did Matt and Anita hang at Marfreelus - allegedly? Is Anita from Denver Harbor, a new immigrant, from Second Ward?

I don't like Bruno Gianelli, but I do agree with his line last night to "respect the voter." I also use GOP nominee Arnie Vinnick's line "you win some, you lose some" all the time.

Re "The Sopranos" - the jury is still out on the dream sequence. Also, did A.J. have his Michael Corleone in the hospital moment?

On this date in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married - imagine.

"Patriot Act: The Home Version" is a new board game that is out where the winner is the last player to retain civil liberties - I'll buy Gitmo.

See the HBO movie "Walkout" - real good. Based on a true story in 1968 about Chicano high school students in LA that stage a walkout at their high school to protest inequalities in education. Eddie Olmos directed the flick.

To is now a Cowboy. That ought to be interesting.

And props to those high salaried prima dona Cubans for making it into the finals of the World Baseball Classic. The USA didn't even make the top four. Money talks.

March 20, 2006, 9:00AM

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