By Marc Campos

A Clear and Present Danger?

The U.S. of A. uses a whole lot of drugs that come from south of the border. Most of the guns that are used south of the border come from the U.S. of A., the Lone Star State in particular. So I guess we have an obligation to send G-Men down to the border to keep things from getting way out of hand. Commentary doesn’t like it because nobody has explained to me a so called exit strategy. What’s the goal? Plus, the cartel guys don’t think much of human life – how are they going to react? Stay tuned.

Commentary doesn’t think that the names of the “high roller” clients of the busted local prostitution ring are going to be released. There is a front page story on this in today’s Chron. If the guys were involved in something illegal shouldn’t we know? What if they are involved in major public policy issues? What if they are donors to politicians that rail against immoral behavior? Something isn’t right with this picture.

It looks like Balls of Holly is getting an opponent – Rozzy Shorter. I don’t think Commentary has ever met Roz. I don’t know what kind of campaign she is capable of running. Of the current H-Town Council members running for reelection, it looks like Balls of Holly is the only one with an opponent to date.

It looks we have us a Bracketologist-In-Chief. The President filled out one of them March Madness brackets and explained his picks on ESPN yesterday. He knows his college hoops for sure.

Remember Chris Burke who hit one of the most famous dingers in ‘Stros history. He’s now trying to make it as a San Diego Padre. Remember Jason Lane who had a pretty good year in 2005 when we went to the World Serious. He’s trying to make it as a Toronto Blue Jay. He’s got five Grapefruit League dingers.

Nine Amigos at The Yard is no longer. Commentary got this from the ‘Stros yesterday: “Introducing the all new FiveSeven Grille at Minute Maid Park! Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell are without a doubt the cornerstones of the Houston Astros and the FiveSeven Grille is a tribute to these two baseball greats. We offer Texas-sized portions of hand tossed salads, perfectly grilled steaks and fish, fantastic sandwiches, homemade desserts and premium cocktails along with specialty items featuring some of Craig and Jeff's favorite entrees. The FiveSeven Grille is the perfect place to dine with your friends before and after the game in a casual atmosphere where you can catch live action from around the league or shoot a game of pool in the upstairs loft. The FiveSeven Grille at Minute Maid Park is the ultimate All-Star dining experience.”

I wonder if FiveSeven is going to have a preview event that I might snag an invite to so I can sample some of the grub before Opening Day – 18 days from now. I wonder if FiveSeven will be carrying St. Arnold.

March 19, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary