By Marc Campos

Roving Cameras

Commentary doesn’t think much of reality TV programs, but I’ll be watching when W’s Brain makes an appearance before Congress, hopefully this week – you gotta love this! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Speaking of bad Rs, it looks like Delay is now p___ing off his fellow GOPers in his new book. In order to make a quick buck, DeLay’s now making sure he doesn’t have any friends left. Well, he can forget about the tainting the jury pool argument.

There was a mention in yesterday’s Chron about what to call Hillary’s fella if she wins – First Fella, First Dude, First Gentleman – yuk, First Baseman – nah, how about First Vato? I can live with that.

They sure are getting Khalid Sheik Mohammed (errr, try that in a spelling bee) to talk. Pretty soon he’ll tell us what happened up in Dallas on 11/22, he’ll let us know where to find Jimmy Hoffa, and he’ll tell us where Elvis is living nowadays.

“Crazy Ray” of the soon to be Arlington Cowboys fame passed away last week. Hey, the guy deserves a place in the Ring of Honor.

Barbara Walters says Hugo is “not crazy.” Rudy Gee’s law firm represents Hugo’s oil company. Hey, they even got a big sign at the yard, kind of like at Fenway, and this year they are giving away Numero 45 on a Caballo bobbleheads. So what’s the big deal?

It turns out James Rodriguez’ wedding is black tie optional. I’m definitely wearing my tux along with my James Rodriguez for City Council, District I lapel stick on.

In Saturday’s Chron, there was a front page pic of $205 million in cash that the Mexican government had seized in a drug raid – now we know what A-Rod’s contract really looks like.

Opening Day is 14 days away!

March 19, 2007, 9:00AM

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