By Marc Campos

David and Gary

The only time Commentary watches the local PBS station is when “Red, White and Blue” is on. David Jones and Gary Polland do a terrific job of highlighting differing points of view and they do it respectfully. The program is one of our few political treasures in the H-Town area. I’m baffled as to why the local PBS station has it off the air. The local PBS station needs to show the political community some respect and give us back our “Red, White and Blue.”

Today’s Chron front page headline is about the local prostitution ring that was busted. The headline says the ring “catered to city’s high rollers.” I’m betting the list of “high rollers” will be made public – yikes!

GOP members of Congress are all over the Treasury Secretary because they claim he’s not doing enough to stop the AIG bonuses. I guess they want him to act like Little Dick Cheney and forego the law and processes and little stuff like the Constitution to get things done.

It looks like Aaron Boone won’t play third base for the ‘Stros this season. He just announced that he will have a heart surgery procedure performed in the next week or so. Hope it goes well for him. Pence, Roy O., The Big Puma, Tejada, Numero 45, and Matsui are featured on this season’s tickets. Team USA eliminated Puerto Rico last night which means Pudge will be in camp soon as Opening Day is only 19 days away.

March 18, 2009 9:00AM

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