By Marc Campos

GOP Sham Or Shame,
I'm Gagging, Help!

By Marc Campos

Once upon a time, Commentary thought the GOP had it right when it came to going after the Latino vote. Not any more. According to today's San Antonio Express News - "Three separate but similar proposals by GOP (Texas State) House members would compel voters to provide two forms of identification, including one with a color photo, even if their names appear on voter rolls and they have a valid voter registration card, which is all that current law requires."

This sounds like the old GOP way of voter suppression. Dudes, Texas has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the world. We don't need to make it harder for people to go vote.

Back to the SA Express News - "said Frank M. Reilly, an attorney representing the state Republican Party who testified that the bills 'will set a new standard in increasing public confidence' in voter rolls and election outcomes".

Commentary was not aware that Texans lacked "public confidence in voter rolls and election outcomes".

To GOP Latinos: Tell your leaders that this will only intimidate older voters - particularly Latinos/Latinas. Commentary believes that some GOP leaders are freaking out and are afraid of the growing Latino vote. Maybe they are starting to get a little nervous about their message.

Aw, come on! "The folks in Al's (Edwards) district are ultimately the ones who make that choice," ...says Austin Democratic political operative Ed Martin. Yeah, maybe so, but they will certainly get a lot of nudging from Ed and other folks who are already trying to craft a message to the Democratic Party primary voters in House District 146 (Al's district) in hopes of defeating Edwards a year from now. This business about ultimately the voters in Al's district will decide has me gagging on pure uncontrollable laughter.

The Party has pretty much abandoned any voter base building, voter education, and get-out-the-vote efforts in districts like #146 in Harris County, but they'll be out in force later this year to take out Rep. Edwards. Now we're not defending Al Edward's recent votes on school finance and taxes. He should have voted with his Democratic Party colleagues. We would just like some candid talk from Austin. Like maybe say - "Al voted against the Party. We have to make an example of him. We're going to make sure the voters know he's not on their side. He's toast." Don't tell me - "the voters will have to decide."

Speaking of the House, a couple of days ago, State Rep. Sylvester Turner sent out a press release congratulating himself for his performance during the tax bill debate on the House floor. The press release included a statement from Texas Democratic Party Chair Charles Soechting who said he was proud of Turner. “He is an example for all Democratic legislators,” Soechting said.

This is the same Soechting that would not let Turner make a prime time address at last year's State Democratic Party Convention that was held in Houston.

Some of Turner's House colleagues had complained to Soechting that Turner missed the bus to Ardmore and didn’t deserve a prime time spot. Time definitely heals.

March 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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