By Marc Campos

Welcome to H-Town, Pudge!

You have to hand it to Drayton, GM Wade and Pam-In-Charge. They are going to do what they can to give us a shot at a World Serious and that is all we can ask. They didn’t raise ticket prices yet they upped this year’s team payroll. It looks like future Hall of Famer Ivan Rodriguez will be behind the plate and wearing the Brick Red this season. The 37-year old has a .301 career batting average. Of course he won’t be wearing his old Numero 7 – that belongs to B-G-O.

Here’s the reaction I got from some buddies after I sent out the news on Pudge:

“In 1991, I was working for a small consulting company doing work in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One night was watching local news and the Tulsa Drillers manager was commenting about how good this kid was and said unfortunately he will not be here much longer...called up soon after and the rest is history.” -Serge

“Very nice. I think this is a great addition to the team.” - Edgar

“I like Pudge.” - Al

“I'm a huge Pudge fan. I'll say this right now: he will instantly become a fan favorite. I remember the bumper stickers around town in the 90's when folks would have "Sign Pudge" on their cars up in North Texas.” Bill

“Hell yea!” – Nick

“Crazy day around Capitol and political circles for me, and this is the best news I've heard out of spring training.” - Ed

It is tough to knock a batting order that looks like Matsui, Bourn, Berkman, Lee, Tejada, Rodriguez, Pence, and Boone/Blum.

HPD busted a major high priced prostitution ring yesterday. The ring’s client list supposedly includes professional athletes, doctors and lawyers. I wonder if we are ever going to see the list.

My take yesterday on The President and HISD got a couple of reactions: The President said: “and far too few districts are emulating the example of Houston and Long Beach, and using data to track how much progress a student is making and where that student is struggling.”

Here are the reactions:

“wow. i find it amazing that any entity in dc is suggesting hisd with over 50% failure rate has to be emulated (see excerpt from your commentary below). my understanding is that the federal process for providing funds to schools is designed to fail and that local folks are closing their eyes to reality and sending data to dc that may not reflect reality.” – gonzalo.

“It is sad that our federal government would emulate a school district that has at least a 50% drop out rate. All it take is to hear those administrators that previously worked in HISD to understand what is happening in our school. I cannot understand how HISD schools that have over 1000 freshman starting each school year, but 4 years later they are only graduating about 500 seniors or even less. Let's all do the math. I often go to graduations of relative and friends. Can someone explain to me what is happening?” – Moises.

I think The Presdient was referencing HISD's tracking system.

The only casual green gear I have is my Play Green ‘Stros t-shirt and lid. So that is what I’m wearing today - twenty days before Pudge takes the field versus the Cubbies.

March 17, 2009 9:00AM

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